Easy Price Guide

So, you want to sell something?

Well, before you sell whatever it is, you need to know how much it's worth and how best to sell it.  While you have a few option in that regard, they aren't all effective.

1) You could just guess.  But, you don't want to be the yokel that sells the rare collectible for a meager two or three bucks.

2) You could run out and buy a price guide.  But there are a few problems there:

  1. Anything in print is already out-of-date by the time the guide comes out.
  2. If you need to sell more than one type of thing, you are now going to need multiple guidebooks.
  3. You have to drive somewhere to go get it, or you have to order the guidebook and wait for it to be delivered.  Waiting isn't fun and waiting doesn't make you any money. You need to sell now.

3) You could hop on eBay and search for similar items to get an idea of what things sell for.  But that also has problems.

  1. Unless you watch all the listed auctions, you only get a sense for what the buy it now price is and what the minimum bid is at that moment.
  2. You only see items that are listed right now, maybe your crazy Burger King collectible glass only comes up for auction every 2-3 months?

So, what if you could look at years of eBay data?  Good news!  You can! Terapeakhas been helping eBay sellers and buys with eBay Researchfor years!  Using their research you can see things like the best days of the week to list your item.  Heck, you can even see the best time of the day to sell your item.  Don't guess, let the experts help you to make the most money possible from your sale.
If you want to see these tools at work, then check out the following links:

  1. Watch a Terapeak eBay Research Demo
  2. Free Terapeak Price Report

Know when to sell on eBay using research, not guesswork!

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